Welcome to Wayne Electric Inc

Established in 1975 Wayne Electric has become a leader in the electrical field supporting the Greater Houston area. Specializing in "Design Assist" projects, Wayne Electric assists their clients in the integration of all electrical systems. Wayne Electric is the largest installer of building automation systems in Houston, making us a leader in innovative electrical technology.

Company Statement

Wayne Electric does not rely on chance to provide our customers with the quality and service they need. We can offer new and innovative approaches to solving electrical problems because of our experience in "Design Assist". Our staff understands our commitment to satisfy the customer completely.

Our Commitment

We recognize that our customers, and our ability to meet their needs, are the sole reason for Wayne Electric's existence. Our customers rely on our expertise in electrical design and construction to provide them with safe, reliable, and efficient power, control, and communication systems. We make every effort to be deserving of our customers trust and high expectations. In today's world, our customers business depends on reliable and efficient power, control, and communications systems to stay competitive in the global marketplace.